Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back to New York

The cost of rent - and even temporary lodging - in New York City is famous for bring sky high.

When my brother was vacating our Jackson Heights apartment therefore, we wanted to use the space, for a vacation to the Big Apple.  I was born there in 1981, but we'd moved away when I was little.  The only time I'd been back was on a 1997 family vacation - that suggestion was partly inspired by a Paula Danziger young adult book. My babysitter from back then still lived there, and we'd stayed with her.

This time around, I'd changed in many ways.

My parents and I arrived in New York City on September 10th.  (My brother had already moved out, and was in another state.)

We were set to fly back on the 21st.  I was given the option however, to stay till the end of the month - which I gladly accepted!  (There was the possibility of someone from Illinois coming to join me, after my parents went back - but that didn't work out, and didn't end up being necessary.)

One great thing about this trip is that - unlike last time, when I didn't even have a laptop - I had my smartphone, with Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter!

That made it easier to track - and share - where I was, and to offer photos and commentary as well!

That will also make constructing this blog a whole lot easier.

This weblog won't just be (directly) about my trip. I also plan to use these experience to provide thoughts and commentary, about various issues - past and present.

Topics covered here will be famous historic events, current situations (like Syria and Obama), and overviews of the [many] places I visited, during this extended trip! Not to mention: Newsies! Lol.

I arrived back home September 30th.

I wish I'd composed this blog sooner... But Twitter & Foursquare are going to be a big help! Here it goes!

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